Tanzania Pyrethrum Board
Physical Address: Pamba House, Garden Avenue 2nd Floor Room No 211
Email: tanzaniapyrethrum@hotmail.com
Web: www.pareto.go.tz
Plant Health Services
Physical Address: 40487 Dodoma
Email: phs@kilimo.go.tz
Web: www.kilimo.go.tz
Tropical Pesticides Research Institute
Physical Address: 12 km from Arusha city center; Nairobi Road - Ngaramtoni area
Email: dg@tpri.go.tz, registrar@tpri.go.tz
Web: www.tpri.go.tz
Cashewnut Board of Tanzania
Physical Address: Plot No. 123, Mikocheni A
Email: plant@yahoo.com
Web: www.cashew.go.tz
Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority
Physical Address: Mandela Road, Temeke Veterinary. Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries- Former PADEP Building
Email: tfra@kilimo.go.tz
Web: www.tfra.go.tz
Tea Board of Tanzania
Physical Address: 1st Floor, Tetex Building Pamba Road
Email: info@teaboard.go.tz
Web: www.teaboard.go.tz
Tanzania Tobacco Board
Physical Address: Shule Street, Tabora Municipality
Email: info@tobaccoboard.go.tz
Web: www.tobaccoboard.go.tz
Sugar Board of Tanzania
Physical Address: SUKARI HOUSE, Sokoine Drive / Ohio Street
Email: sbt@cats-net.com
Web: http://www.sbt.go.tz
Tanzania Cotton Board
Physical Address: Pamba House, 3rd Floor Pamba Road/Garden Avenue
Email: info@cotton.or.tz
Web: https://www.cotton.or.tz/
Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute
Physical Address: Morogoro
Email: info@tosci.com
Web: www.tosci.go.tz
Tanzania Sisal Board
Physical Address: Tanga
Email: tansisal@kaributanga.com
Web: www.tsbtz.org
Tanzania Coffee Board
Physical Address: Railway Street, Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Email: info@coffeeboard.or.tz
Web: www.coffeeboard.or.tz
National Food Security Department
Physical Address: Dodoma
Email: ps@kilimo.go.tz
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