Tanzania Pyrethrum Board
Physical Address: Pamba House, Garden Avenue 2nd Floor Room No 211
Email: tanzaniapyrethrum@pareto.go.tz
Web: www.pareto.go.tz
Plant Health Services
Physical Address: 40487 Dodoma
Email: phs@kilimo.go.tz
Web: www.kilimo.go.tz
Tropical Pesticides Research Institute
Physical Address: 12 km from Arusha city center; Nairobi Road - Ngaramtoni area
Email: dg@tpri.go.tz, registrar@tpri.go.tz
Web: www.tpri.go.tz
Cashewnut Board of Tanzania
Physical Address: Tanu road,P.O Box 533 Mtwara
Email: info@cashew.go.tz
Web: www.cashew.go.tz
Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority
Physical Address: Mandela Road, Temeke Veterinary. Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries- Former PADEP Building
Email: tfra@kilimo.go.tz
Web: www.tfra.go.tz
Tea Board of Tanzania
Physical Address: 1st Floor, Tetex Building Pamba Road
Email: info@teaboard.go.tz
Web: www.teaboard.go.tz
Tanzania Tobacco Board
Physical Address: Shule Street, Tabora Municipality
Email: info@tobaccoboard.go.tz
Web: www.tobaccoboard.go.tz
Sugar Board of Tanzania
Physical Address: SUKARI HOUSE, Sokoine Drive / Ohio Street
Email: sbt@cats-net.com
Web: http://www.sbt.go.tz
Tanzania Cotton Board
Physical Address: Pamba House, 3rd Floor Pamba Road/Garden Avenue
Email: info@cotton.or.tz
Web: https://www.cotton.or.tz/
Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute
Physical Address: Morogoro
Email: info@tosci.com
Web: www.tosci.go.tz
Tanzania Sisal Board
Physical Address: Indepence Avenue/ Usagara Street, Mkonge House
Email: tansisal@kaributanga.com
Web: www.tsbtz.org
Tanzania Coffee Board
Physical Address: Railway Street, Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Email: info@coffeeboard.or.tz
Web: www.coffeeboard.or.tz
National Food Security Department
Physical Address: Dodoma
Email: ps@kilimo.go.tz
Latest News
Cotton Marketing Season 2021-2022 officially launched on 10th May 2021,the event held in Busega district Simiyu region. This year cotton production estimated to be 390,000 tons of seed cotton which will be equivalent to 650,000 bales (200kg) of cotton lint
A Bid is open to Potential buyers of all sisal fiber from AMCOS in five estates in Korogwe-Tanga region estimated at at least 300 tons of fibre per month with grade ratios of 3L (1%), UG (69%), SSUG (21%), UF (2%) TOW I (5%) and TOW II (2%). A buyer will be needed to be licensed with Tanzania sisal Board through www.atmis.kilimo.go.tz and be ready to pay weekly based on Invoices issued from AMCOS and pick from warehouses. More info please contact: dg@sisalboard.go.tz. Invitation Valid to 20th January 2021
June 15,2020 mark the beginning of 2020-21 cotton marketing seasonThis marketing season 2020-21 INDICATIVE PRICE of seed cotton announced by TCB after stakeholders negotiations will be TShs 810/=
55th PEST MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSE(PM 2)- Arusha 8-19 November, 2021
The training will be conducted on Monday 8th, November 2021 at TPRI Headquarters in Arusha. Participants: Pesticides Dealers and Agricultural extension officers and Farmers.
Tobacco production statistics
In the crop season 2018-2019, about 46,259 farmers participated in growing tobacco. Total area that was put under cultivation is 44,654 hectares. About 61,504,446 kilograms of tobacco is expected in the market for 2019 marketing season.
Opening of Tobacco market season
The 2019 tobacco marketing season is set open on 13th May 2019. The minister for ministry of Agriculture, Hon. Japhet Ngailonga Hasunga, is expected to preside over the official opening at Milambo Cooperative Union floor, in Urambo district, Tabora
Other Information
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